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Allowing : an exercise in letting go

Allowing myself to see

my crumbling plans, the mess, the trees ,my rubbish, my stories , the road, the mountains, the sea, a splendid sunrise, an unfinished list, old pictures, my truth, people for who they are … or even my own fear;

Allowing myself to feel

Uncomfortable , unplanned ,undercooked , free, irrational, unwavering, happy, sad, in disbelief, hopeful, driven, lazy, tired, scared, creative, inventive, wise, foolish …or just simply be;

Allowing myself to dream

An usual horizon, voyages, a hundred futures, new words, colourful walls, teleportation machines, peace, kindness, change, a sunny day in the Tuscan hills, love, a different type of success ..or even a slightly different me;

Allowing myself the space for

Incoherent plans, unconventional closeness, no jobs to be good at, no men to impress, being imperfect, feeling proud of myself, freedom, focus or total distraction, new learning, sad days, slow mornings, learning to chant, redefining myself, books that lay unread …or just to sit;

Allowing myself to fear

The unknown, the unthinkable, the deaths, the births, the distance, the silence, the questions, the future, the letting go , the changing, the rising, the within and the without … or even myself;

Allowing myself to hear

My breathing, my heart, the ancestors, the waves, the rain, the breath of the earth, the sound of the masses, a dog barking, a child crying , the song of the stars, echos of the past, the lack of cars, laughter bubbling, a pot boiling, the birds singing …or just my voice;


Is not a familiar space, great discomfort of shredding skins, blazing burning fires of change, ripples of desires not yet understood , the power untamed, the chaos, the joy, the urge, the plunge, the inhale and the exhale and all of a sudden someone else stares back at you;

…if you only allow your self ….


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